Animal Encounters
An animal encounter is the perfect way to spend some up-close and personal time with these amazing creatures! Please read each encounters description and restrictions carefully. We can’t wait to have you meet our animals!

For additional details, pricing or to make reservations, contact Guest Services at (541) 679-6761, ext 210 or email at

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Private & Premier encounters are available with advance reservations, contact Guest Services for details and scheduling. Members receive $5 off selected PREMIER Encounters excluding all seasonal specials, see below.

Elephant'o Picasso? Chetahdor Dali? How about a Tigri Matisse? 

Wildlife Safari is the home to many world-famous animal artists who are are fascinated, enriched and thrilled to paint! Join them in their own studios as they create one-of-a-kind artwork, commissioned just for you! 

Price: $55 per painting | Must be arranged with guest services

Animal paintings must be purchased in addition to an animal encounter. to purchase just a painting, visit the animal arts shop here. 

For more information, call Guest Services at 541-679-6761 ext 210 or                    


Imagine a close encounter with the largest animal on land! Your special excursion will feature information about elephants & their conservation, a "Meet and Greet" where you will have the opportunity to pet the trunk of one of our elephants and enjoy & learn about the unique characteristics that make our elephants who they are! On this group encounter, you will have the chance to spend quality time getting closer than you would believe with members of our herd. 

Price: $15.00 Per Person 

For more information, call Guest Services at 541-679-6761 ext 210 or

Take a ride out to the Africa section of the park to meet the tallest member of the Wildlife Safari family. Keepers will introduce you to our giraffe family and help you feed them some of their favorite yummy treats! 

Price: $15 per person

For more information, call Guest Services at 541-679-6761 ext 210 or

Hippos are the masters of both land & water and on this excursion you'll get an up-close view of our extraordinary hippopotami. Their keepers will temp them out of the water so you can admire their unusual teeth and body structure. From the vantage point of a safari vehicle you'll have the chance to see these "rough and ready" animals receive their favorite treats!

Price: $15 per person

Hippo encounters are available in spring and summer. 

For more information, call Guest Services at 541-679-6761 ext 210 

Join our lion keepers daily for the training of our lion pride! Capture photos of our lions from just a few feet away as their keepers do daily training and explain how we keep these magnificent animals healthy and enriched.  We keep the lion's schedules switched up to keep them stimulated so on any given day, keepers may practice a game of tug of war with the lions, do husbandry and medical training or perhaps observe a painting demo. In any (and every!) case, you will be amazed to learn about the dynamics of a lion pride, awe at their size and learn their wide range of personalities.

Price: $15 per person

For more information, call Guest Services at 541-679-6761 ext 210 or

Get eye-to-eye with Wildlife Safari's Flagship Animal!

Take a peak into the life of these stunning cats and learn about our world famous cheetah-breeding program. Bring your camera for a cheetah "selfie" with one of our ambassadors or (for a little extra) we can take photos and print them for you! To learn more about Wildlife Safari's cheetah conservation efforts, click here. 

Price: $15 per person

4x6 prints of your pictures are available.

$10 for 2 prints and $5 for each additional copy. 

For more information, call Guest Services at 541-679-6761 ext 210 or

Travel to the heart of carnivore territory for a more intimate encounter with Wildlife Safari's amazing flagship animal; the Cheetah. Join the expert keepers that maintain the number two cheetah breeding facility on Earth to learn all about these magnificent animals- built for speed- and their conservation. Learn all about their individual personalities and take your chance for a photo-op with some of the coolest animals on the planet. WARNING: Though speedy, these big cats may want to take the opportunity to simply laze around with you... 

Price: $30 per person | 10 Person or 1 group of 10+ Max.

Please notify Safari  if any guest in your group is unable to walk 1/2 mile so that a van can be scheduled.

For more information, call Guest Services at 541-679-6761 ext 210 or

Become an elephant expert on your excursion to meet Wildlife Safari elephants in a more intimate setting. Quiz our team of expert keepers on elephants and their conservation- ask anything! From why ivory is so sought after to the differences between an African and Asian elephants (or even something more tricky!)! Bring the whole family for this opportunity to get closer and more intimate with an elephant which you will get to feed and pet! 

Price: $30.00 Per Person | 10 person or 1 group of 10+ Max. 

For more information, call Guest Services at 541-679-6761 ext 210 or

Tour down to giraffe territory in the experience of a lifetime! 

Claim some more intimate time with the tallest animals in the park, quiz their expert keepers on all things giraffe and walk away with stories to tell your friends of your experiences on African Safari, without leaving Oregon! 


Price: $30.00 Per Person | 10 person or 1 group of 10+ Max. 

Advanced Reservations Required


For more information, call Guest Service at 541-679-6761 ext 210 or

The perfect gift for the animal lover in your life! 

Wildlife Safari is proud to offer you the opportunity to create amazing memories! Don't miss out on this chance to experience cheetahs in a way most only imagine! Join our ambassador cheetahs as they welcome you personally to the park, question the keepers on their amazing biology and their individual quirky personalities. Share a drink of soda, wine or mimosas, take home your commemorative photos and a special gift.

Price $120 per person | Not available during summer months

Advance reservations required

Minimum Age 18 years old.

For more information and special pricing, call Guest Services at 541-679-6761 ext 210 or



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