You can support the Tembo Darasani- Elephant Classroom habitat expansion by donating to the GoFundMe campaign, purchasing elephant art work (100% of the proceeds of elephant artwork go directly to this project), sharing this information and by simply visiting Wildlife Safari!

“Tembo Darasani” is Swahili for “Elephant Classroom” and that’s what Safari’s exciting new expanded elephant habitat will be!  It will be a place for our family of elephants to explore, play and learn new things while also giving Wildlife Safari's guests amazing new experiences to learn about the world’s largest land animal.

There are 2 stages to completing Tembo Darasani:

Stage 1: Creating a safe place for our elephants to roam (What you can support now!

Wildlife Safari has hundreds of acres for our various animal residents to live in herds, like they would in the wild.  For our elephants to be able to access even more of that space, we need to start with some major construction projects.  In order for our guests to be able to watch the elephants using their new habitat, we wanted to be sure to use a fence design that would be as visually friendly as possible.  So we have developed a series of cable fencing solutions which will keep our elephants and drive-thru animal residents comfortable and safe.  This phase will also allow us to build the gates we need to be able to shift the elephants into their expanded habitat.

Stage 2: The classroom (A fundraiser to come!)

 Wildlife Safari has always embraced and encouraged bringing people and elephants together in a wide variety of fun, educational and safe experiences. The central feature of Tembo Darasani is a fully accessible and integrated classroom which would allow guests from all walks of life to experience these incredible animals up close and in person with unobtrusive safety barriers and amazing views to provide the true ‘safari experience’.  The classroom will allow us to bring all guests together with elephants and participate in all aspects of elephant care, from bathing and footwork to training sessions and enrichment opportunities.  It would truly be a classroom for guests, as well as for the elephants.  With the advancement of technology, our hope is to create a fully integrated technology suite allowing guests to deliver exciting enrichment opportunities for the elephants with the press of a button.

Some of the lives we see benefiting most are the ones who can’t necessarily leave their homes or hospitals, and embracing technology further, we can create fully interactive experiences that these people can take part in LIVE.  Through cameras and conferencing systems, like Skype, we’d be able to share these experiences around the world, with people who cannot reach us!

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